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CASHTRAK Smart Safes

A Smart Safe can be a “Smart Solution” for many reasons. Banks and Credit Unions can offer their business partners a flexible solution and start to think outside the box. With tools to manage your till and give provisional credit, scheduling cash pick ups is now easier. Accountability with a secure place to store cash, Smart Safes are easy to set up, integrate and use. Take advantage of the Shields Smart Safe program to secure and remotely track cash, manage your till and receive provisional credit from your financial institution!

Shields has partnered with Ellenby Technologies to bring their CASHTRAK™ Series of Smart Safes to our customers. CASHTRAK can solve your clients’ cash deposit problems while solidifying their banking relationship with you. With robust security features like built in counterfeit detection, and ease of use and configuration, CASHTRAK smart safes are an ideal solution for your clients as a way of depositing their cash from their stores while avoiding the complications and risks of a traditional night depository drop. This simplifies their operations, gets them provisional credit and guarantees deposits with you.

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Self Serve Coin

If you are a banker, you are in the service industry. Increasing your offerings to existing and new clients sets you apart from competition. Self-Service Coin-Acceptors can bring another dimension and foot traffic to a modern branch, creating new opportunities for account opening and cash deposits. Existing customers will come to rely on the coin acceptor as the better alternative to the grocery store units with high commissions. New customers will line up to turn their piggy banks into cash, and with a little encouragement, frequent users will often turn into new customers. Let Shields help you manage this crucial and profitable service with our flexible coin pick up and processing with a fully hands-off solution that will surely pay for itself.

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