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Government agencies and services require the utmost efficiency and security to manage their cash receipts, with superb documentation and reliable performance. Looking for new cash management solutions for your government entity? Shields Business Solutions can provide a range of dependable and secure cash management services including (but not limited to) bridge and toll authorities, port administrations, tax collection agencies, and Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV).

Our government cash management offerings include:

  • Armored Car Services: Our secure and reliable Cash-In-Transit armored car services ensure the safe transport of cash and other valuable assets, minimizing risk and providing peace of mind for our governmental partners.
  • Smart Safes: Incorporating the latest technologies in cash handling, our Smart Safes which can help automate cash counting, enhance security, and provide real-time visibility over cash deposits, improving operational efficiency and reducing loss.
  • Teller Cash Recyclers (TCRs): Our TCRs streamline cash handling operations, helping to improve accuracy, reduce manual labor, and optimize your cash flow. TCRs are an efficient and reliable solution for busy environments.
  • Currency Counters: Our advanced countertop currency counters offer high-speed and accurate cash counting capabilities. Designed to detect counterfeit notes and sort by denomination, they help reduce human error and improve cash management efficiency.
  • Coin Processing: Sophisticated coin processing services that simplify the management of coin-based transactions. Our services include sorting, wrapping, counting, and depositing, all aimed at improving the accuracy and efficiency of coin handling processes.

Safe and Efficient Government Cash Management with Shields Business Solutions

Serving Greater Philadelphia, New Jersey, Northern DE and New York City, we are the regional authority on organizational cash management. From tax collection to toll collection, we can help your government agency manage its cash receipts with ease and security.

Schedule a secure, confidential consultation with our team to learn more about our government cash management solutions.

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