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As a medical facility, from co-pays to large cash payments your offices can accumulate significant amounts of currency and checks that need to be secured, accounted for, and deposited safely. Shields Business Solutions can provide strategic services tailored to these unique industry needs, offering a selection of business cash management services and equipment to help you count and manage your cash and checks, keep it secure, with regular and convenient pickups and deliveries to the financial institution of your choice. 

Our medical facility and hospital cash management services include:

    • Armored Car Services: Cash-in-transit services are a fundamental aspect of our healthcare cash management. We ensure the secure transportation of cash and valuable assets, reducing risk and contributing to a safer financial environment for healthcare institutions.
    • Petty Cash Management: We offer robust petty cash management solutions to streamline and secure small cash transactions, a critical yet often overlooked part of cash flow management in healthcare settings. Our services help prevent misuse, fraud, and maintain accurate, auditable records.
    • Currency Counters: Our sophisticated currency counters support efficient cash management in the healthcare industry. With high-speed and accurate cash counting, counterfeit detection, and denomination sorting capabilities, they improve accuracy, reduce human error, and streamline financial operations.
    • Smart Safes: As part of our comprehensive healthcare cash management services, these technologically-advanced safes automate cash counting, increase security, and provide real-time cash deposit visibility. Using a Smart Safe can enhance operational efficiency and better cash flow management in healthcare institutions.

Simplify Your Healthcare Cash Management with Shields Business Solutions

We work with a range of large and small medical clients, from urgent care centers and doctors’ offices to hospitals and other medical facilities, to meet their cash management and security needs. Serving Harrisburg, Allentown, Bethlehem, Wilkes-Barre, Greater Philadelphia, New Jersey, Northern DE, New York City, Long Island, and Suffolk County, we are the regional authority on business Cash Management, from Currency Counters to Cash-In-Transit Services. 

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