ATM / ITM managed Services

If you’ve had a bad experience with national ATM managed service companies, you’re not alone. Say goodbye to terrible service and find the solution you’ve been looking for with Shields Service and Shields Maintenance Plans. We offer expert ATM fleet management and Cash Replenishments. From Preventative Maintenance Inspections to the most complex repair, we will have your terminal back in service before you know it. Our industry average Uptime SLA is 98%! Now, how many ATM service providers can say that?

Managed Services:
ATM Remote Management and Security

Shields offers a range of Managed Services from simple First-Line Maintenance to completely outsourcing your entire ATM operations.

  • Remote Security
  • Critical and non-critical software patching
  • PCI compliance
  • Low-Cost Check Imaging
  • Remote Troubleshooting, Diagnostics and Repair
  • Marketing Screen Remote Deployment
  • Fully Outsourced ATM Channel for Retail or Financial (including check imaging deposits)
  • Preventative Maintenance Inspections
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First-Line ATM / ITM Maintenance

When you need maximum uptime with minimal impact to branch staff, Shields’ first-line ATM/ITM technicians arrive quickly and get your terminal back in service. Unlike the average branch teller, our techs are highly trained to fix more than a simple paper jam.

Second-Line ATM / ITM Maintenance

Our software-based world is getting more complex by the day. It takes a team of continuously trained professional technicians to solve complicated issues. Service teams must be able to navigate multiple vendors and bring them together to overcome the unique problems presented by modern software. Shields technicians are not only factory-trained but also continually trained internally, sharing information and building our in-house knowledge repository. Our team approach to sharing knowledge has made Shields the most progressive ATM/ITM service team in the industry.

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Interactive Teller Machine (ITM) Hosting

Take the hassle out of implementing Interactive Teller Machines with Shields Hosted Services. When you sign up for ITM Hosting with Shields, we have a proven method to take you from conception, through ROI, to implementation. We prepare all departments with a comprehensive program that encompasses interactive teller machine planning, preparation, hiring, settlement, training, and best practices.

Paired with NCR’s Software Subscription, you are truly hitting the “easy button” when it comes to ITMs. There is very little impact to your IT department (which may be outsourced already), there are no servers to buy or to “spin up,” and there will be no costly software upgrade surprises. We handle it all and provide security and documentation with guaranteed up-time. All you do is operate as usual and call one number if any problems arise.

Customer Branded ATMs (ATM Outsourcing)

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From bright pink to orange, show your creativity!

If someone asked your leadership team what it is the bank does, they would not reply “we maintain IT Servers or we do landscaping or we manage a fleet of ATMs.” He or she might say “we make loans to businesses who need them, or we help people manage their money.” Just like FI’s outsource their landscaping and IT management because these functions are not core to the business, consider outsourcing your ATM fleet. Shields can quickly show you how it will simplify your business, save you money and increase your presence in the market.

ATM Program Highlights

  • Upgrade your existing fleet to the latest model NCR ATMs without the large up-front cost in favor of a monthly fee.
  • Optional Check-Imaging Deposits as well as Cash Deposits.
  • Shields will brand the machines with your logos, screens, surrounds and signage.
  • Expand your ATM fleet anywhere you like with as little as a signature.
  • Add, remove or relocate terminals easily to match market demands.
  • Shields owns/operates the ATM with a professionally managed network.
  • Eliminate the expense and frustration of regulatory compliance and constant software upgrades. Shields handles all of this and is included in the monthly fee.
  • All supporting services are provided, including cash replenishment, cash and check deposits (with check imaging) ATM Network Hosting and maintenance.
  • Shields monitors the ATM to ensure maximum uptime.
  • Optional ITM-Ready Terminals.
  • Branding Contracts can often pay for themselves or offset the cost with transaction interchange fees or surcharge fees.
  • Low, end-of-term buy-out.
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Learn More About ATM / ITM Managed Services From Shields!

Are you interested in ATM cash management services for your financial institution? Contact us to schedule a no-pressure consultation and discover how Shields can streamline your ATM management. Shields Business Solutions is an ATM maintenance company offering ATM repair services and more in Harrisburg, Allentown, Bethlehem, Wilkes-Barre, Greater Philadelphia, New Jersey, Northern DE, New York City, Long Island, and Suffolk County.

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