Cash management services

Shields Business Solutions provides a wide range of cash management services for your financial institution or retail business, with our vault services functioning as the backbone of our secure cash handling system. 

In an industry based on precision, absolute audit control is an obligation. When you use our ATM vault services, you can rest assured that when your cash is not in transit in an armored vehicle or in an ATM, it is safe and sound in a Shield’s vault, and our trained staff of vault personnel can account for every dollar, at any moment. ATM loads are produced using proprietary ATM-specific Cash Management software to optimize cash amounts, saving you in interest costs and reducing overall exposure. Upon settlement, the residual cash is counted, examined, and re-inventoried—the entire procedure captured by the watchful eye of high-resolution digital surveillance cameras.

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In addition to vault services, our cash management options include:

  • Coin Wrapping: Using commercial coin wrapping machines, we offer fast coin wrapping services in both standard boxes and custom orders.
  • Cash & Coin Processing: Shields offers secure and efficient petty cash management and cash/coin pick up and processing.
  • Coin Machine Repair: Shields will repair your coin machines with expertly trained maintenance staff.
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Trust Shields with Your Cash Management and Vault Services Needs

At Shields, we understand the importance of security, timeliness, and precision. Serving Harrisburg, Allentown, Bethlehem, Wilkes-Barre, Greater Philadelphia, New Jersey, Northern DE, New York City, Long Island, and Suffolk County, we are the regional authority on POS, petty, and financial institution cash management solutions from Cash Vault and Cash-In-Transit Services to ATM Branding and ATM Managed Services.

Schedule a consultation with our team of experts to learn how our cash processing services can streamline your business or FI’s cash management, saving you time and money.

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