ATM surrounds & kiosks

NCR’s 80 Series ATM/ITM becomes a blank canvas for your financial institution when you work with Shields Business Solutions on custom ATM integrations. From tailored surrounds, kiosks, and canopies to modern touches like decorative wraps, sign boxes, and security gates, Shields can help elevate your profile with effective and professional designs that match your existing aesthetic and branding.

ATM Surrounds: Upgrade your ATM’s visual appearance and enhance user privacy with our top-tier ATM surrounds. Designed with user experience in mind, they offer a blend of style, privacy, and additional branding space.

ATM Kiosks: Our ATM bank kiosks provide the perfect standalone solution, delivering all-in-one functionality and superior equipment protection.

ATM Canopies: Keep your customers comfortable and dry in any weather with a robust ATM canopy. In addition to offering a sheltered, user-friendly transaction environment, they add a protective layer over your machines, prolonging their lifespan.

ATM Sign Boxes: Increase your ATM’s visibility and promote your brand with our eye-catching ATM signage. With customizable, illuminated designs, we’ll make it easy for customers to locate your machines, day or night, while creating brand awareness for new or potential customers.

ATM Security Gates: Boost your ATM’s safety with our advanced ATM security gates. Engineered to deter criminal activity, these gates provide a solid barrier that ensures both the machine’s and user’s safety.

Shields Can Help You Integrate and Elevate Your ATM Fleet

ATMs are crucial parts of your customer service experience and serve as an extension of your financial institution. That’s why it’s so important to maintain a consistent and professional ATM aesthetic. Effective signage and integration can help customers locate your ATMs, increase your brand awareness, and underscore the quality and dependability of your FI. When you’re looking to upgrade your ATM or scale your fleet, turn to Shields Business Solutions. 

Serving Harrisburg, Allentown, Bethlehem, Wilkes-Barre, Greater Philadelphia, New Jersey, Northern DE, New York City, Long Island, and Suffolk County, we are the regional authority on ATM solutions from ATM Installation to ATM Branding and ATM Managed Services. Contact us to schedule a no-pressure consultation with our team!

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