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In partnership with Ellenby Technologies, Shields is proud to offer the CASHTRAK™ Series of Smart Safes. CASHTRAK™ can not only simplify your clients’ cash deposit management, it can also solidify their banking relationship with you, guaranteeing deposits with your financial institution. Simple to configure and use with strong security features like built-in counterfeit detection, CASHTRAK smart safes can let your clients deposit their cash while avoiding the complications and risks of a traditional night depository drop. 

Smart Safe Highlights

Smart Safe cash till management can be a “smart solution” for both your Financial Institution and its customers, allowing you to offer your business partners a flexible and secure cash handling solution. Smart Safes are easy to set up, integrate, and use, with tools to manage customer tills and grant provisional credits—and it’s simple to schedule cash pickups, too. 


  • Secure high value currency. Use Smart Safes to secure high value currency with each retail transaction. 
  • Eliminate pry attacks. Patented rolled hinged and wrap-around doors, and our full surround bolt capture door lock system (6DBT) and dedicated service door can stop pry-attacks and prevent access to cash, keeping cash safe. 
  • Interception-proof electronic communications. With fully encrypted communications, your Smart Safe is protected from cyber-attacks. 
  • Designated employee roles. Each safe user can be assigned a specific role with tailored permissions. Reserve higher-security tasks for select staff for added security.


  • Reliable user interface. Minimize downtime with solid state control electronics and internal battery backup modules.
  • Robust analytics. Real-time performance data sent to you or your client, directly from the safe.
  • No tools needed. Serviceable modules can be easily swapped without tools.


  • Simple and flexible to operate. With assignable one-touch cashier buttons, Smart Safes can be customized to meet specific retail needs. 
  • Convenient standard report generation.  Automatically track deposits by user, shift, and end of business day.
  • Superb integration. Seamlessly connect data to many popular web portals to make reporting and analyzing cash flow patterns even easier. 
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Learn More About CashTrak™ Smart Safes for Your Financial Institution

Accountability paired with security—take advantage of the Shields Smart Safe program to help your retail clients safely store and remotely track cash, manage tills, and receive provisional credit.

Shields is your reliable smart safe vendor. Serving Harrisburg, Allentown, Bethlehem, Wilkes-Barre, Greater Philadelphia, New Jersey, Northern DE, New York City, Long Island, and Suffolk County, we are the regional authority on cash handling solutions from Smart Safes to ATM vending and Teller Cash Recyclers. Schedule a no-pressure consultation with our team to learn more about our Smart Safes and other financial industry technology solutions. 

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