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Branch Transformation

The definition of “Branch Transformation”, morphs as the business climate ebbs and flows. What once was considered the future is quickly altered by unforeseen circumstances such as COVID-19. What is the endpoint? When do you consider your Branches transformed? What is the best strategy to future proof as much as possible and add choices for customers while saving money, streamlining staff and raising your customer service metrics?

At Shields, Branch Transformation means that however you want to re-invent your branches, we are along for the journey, Protecting your Cash and your Future with insight, knowledge and honesty.

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Teller Cash Recyclers

One of the most common misconceptions we hear is that “we don’t want to use recyclers because we want to focus on our customers”. That is a good thing because Teller Cash Recyclers help you do just that. By immediately upgrading your teller cash operations, you free up your tellers to be the customer service reps they always should have been. Allowing the recycler to count cash frees up your tellers to engage in deeper conversations, provide better customer service and improve efficiency.

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AST 9000 Cassette-Based TCR with logo "CIMA - wherever you count"

Fenco Teller Line, Pod and
Furniture Designs

Shields has partnered with industry-leading Fenco to help bring your Branch Transformation vision to life. With hundreds of designs, material choices and custom creations, we can help turn your ordinary lobby into a unique showpiece. Located right here in central NJ, Fenco has a long history of providing the banking industry with high-quality undercounter in any color you wish with furniture that will compliment your investment in technology. Whether it is a new teller line, a modern Pod system or a refreshment station, we have you covered.

ITM wall, lobby with plants
a woman and a man using 2 separate ATMs
Bank lobby
atm with Live Teller
atm with Live Teller 24 Hour written on the side
atm drive thru with Live Teller text

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