When you are ready to say goodbye to the excuses and aggravation that the national armored companies can’t avoid, it’s time to let a Financial Community focused company show you how timeliness and flexibility combined with a local, reachable staff can simplify your life. On-line cash management and ordering is easy through our web-portal and if there is ever an issue a person is one local call away. Shields is actively modernizing and optimizing our cash replenishment service and breaking new ground with innovative approaches to delivery and cash management. Our Smart Safe program is often beneficial when small business clients demand flexibility in pickup schedules and provisional credit to pay their staff.

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Armored Car Services

In 1985, the Shields Security Division was born. Since then, hundreds of financial institutions have discovered the superior level of quality this group delivers. We’ve graduated from a mere cash courier service – today’s Shields Security Division is renowned in the industry for our dedication to excellence in all aspects of the ATM cash management process.

ATM Cash Replenishment

Law enforcement-trained, ex-military and industry-experienced professionals make up many of Shield’s armed guards. These outstanding, dedicated professionals are the backbone of our armored car cash delivery service. Equipped with state-of-the-art technology which enables new efficiencies and critical safety measures, this division proudly maintains an average 98% daily route completion record!

The Shields fleet of heavily armored trucks are equipped with top-of-the-line GPS navigational equipment for monitoring and on-the-go routing adjustments as well as remote engine-kill switches, coded ignition protection and a matrix of digital cameras. Your cash is always in sight, and always safe and always on-time.

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Cash in Transit Services

We’re bringing the same precision and reliability to traditional armored services that we pioneered in the world of ATMs. Our suite of services includes:

Our mission is to deliver a premier level of customer service in this age-old segment of the industry – something we’ve felt is lacking in its current state. We’ve identified ample opportunities for improvement in the practices and procedures that can make an armored transportation system really deliver exceptional value.

Vault Services

When your cash is not in transit, and not in an ATM, it is safe and sound in a Shields vault. A trained staff of vault personnel can account for every dollar at any moment. In an industry based on precision, absolute audit control is an obligation. Using proprietary ATM-specific Cash Management software, ATM loads are produced, with carefully calculated system to optimize the amount of cash – saving you in interest costs, and overall exposure. Upon settlement, the residual cash is counted, examined, and re-inventoried. The entire procedure is captured by the watchful eye of high-resolution digital surveillance cameras.

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