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With every new technological advancement, the need for efficient, real-time maintenance solutions for electronic devices increases. In the financial sector, ATMs and ITMs serve as the primary touchpoints between banks and their customers. As a result, their uninterrupted functionality is key to maintaining quality control and customer satisfaction. Introducing RemoteView—a game-changer in remote ATM and ITM management solutions. To showcase the key features and benefits of RemoteView, we offer a free, no-obligation live demo presented by one of our industry experts. To request a demo, sign up below using our form.

Why RemoteView?

The RemoteView product line was designed to harness the power of technology, offering remote support to banks with ATM and ITM fleets. With the help of RemoteView, financial institutions can resolve over 65% of ATM and ITM issues. In many cases, downtime of an ATM machine can result in lost transactions, frustrated customers, and decreased brand perception for a bank. Intelligent remote troubleshooting via RemoteView can help resolve and prevent many of these issues.

Learn About the Key Benefits of RemoteView:

  • Advanced Diagnostics: At its core, RemoteView provides financial institutions with state-of-the-art software diagnostics. This ensures ATMs and ITMs are not just operational but running at optimal performance. From remote reboots to advanced troubleshooting by certified RemoteView specialists, banks can expect increased uptime—a critical metric in the ATM and ITM landscape.
  • Round-the-Clock Monitoring: In the world of financial transactions, every minute counts. RemoteView’s system offers 24/7 monitoring, ensuring that any glitch or malfunction is addressed in real-time.
  • High-Level Security: In an era of frequent cyber-attacks, RemoteView has integrated robust security measures to protect ATMs and ITMs. RemoteView’s product suite offers features like zero-day protection, centralized policy management, and most importantly, application control to isolate machines from potential threats.
  • One-Stop Management Solution: The RemoteView Command Center is akin to a mission control for all your machines. Whether you want to view individual machine data, analyze aggregate data, access electronic journals, or manage backups—the Command Center has you covered.
  • Seamless Connectivity: Transitioning to RemoteView is a breeze. The installation involves adding a compact Windows-based agent to your ATM or ITM. This agent then communicates exclusively outbound, ensuring that your machines are always connected in the safest manner possible.
  • Marketing With Precision: Beyond diagnostics and security, RemoteView doubles as a marketing tool. Financial institutions can seamlessly deploy marketing screens across all their ATMs or ITMs, ensuring that their marketing messages are aligned across touchpoints—be it in-branch campaigns, external advertisements, or on the ATM and ITM screens.

RemoteView’s troubleshooting system is more than just about convenience—it’s about efficiency, security, reduced downtime, and providing a superior customer service experience.

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