6 Reasons to Outsource Your ATMs

Picture of NCR ATM with caption "ATM outsourcing can streamline operations, cut costs, improve employee safety, and enhance the customer experience."

Why Financial Institutions Should Consider ATM Outsourcing

Outsourcing your ATMs has numerous benefits, including streamlining operations, cutting operational costs, increasing employee safety, and improving the customer experience. If you have been considering ATM services for a while, or are just starting to learn about it, this blog will cover 6 reasons that banks and credit unions should outsource their ATMS to an ATM service provider.


1. Streamlined Operations

Why ask your employees to be ATM specialists when you can leave that to us? Outsourcing all your ATM needs will let your employees focus on their core role of helping customers. You can expect increased productivity when you let branch staff focus on customer service and banking transactions, instead of asking them to take on additional administrative duties. Save time and streamline branch operations by outsourcing your ATM servicing and cash replenishment.

Beyond efficiency, outsourcing your ATMs reduces your risk of regulatory compliance issues. It’s the ATM service provider’s responsibility to maintain compliance, not your financial institution. Service providers like Shields perform regular system updates to ensure your ATMs are compliant with new regulations. Of course, you also save employees’ time by removing this task from their job description.

Finally, when an ATM goes offline, you can rely on your ATM service provider to get it working again as quickly as possible. Whether it’s a simple paper jam or a more complex issue, professional ATM technicians have more knowledge than a branch employee. Reduce the hassle of a non-working ATM by outsourcing repair and servicing.

2. Operational cost savings

Instead of incurring multiple costs for different aspects of ATM operations, your service provider consolidates these expenses into one flat monthly payment. Financial institutions usually realize savings from this simplified cost structure, as well as seeing efficiency improve.

Outsourcing ATMs can lower employee training costs as well because it removes the need to train employees on ATM servicing and replenishment.

3. Increased Employee Safety

The prevalence of ATM robberies sharply increased by 600% between 2019 and 2020, primarily due to the pandemic. Since then, it has continued to increase by another 10% in 2021.

ATM robberies occur most frequently when the ATM is open. Outsourcing the task of opening the machine and handling the cash can dramatically decrease the likelihood of an employee being present for an attack, thus decreasing your financial institution’s liability.

At Shields, our armed guards are law enforcement-trained, ex-military, and industry-experienced professionals with extensive training to address potential threats. Give yourself and your staff the peace of mind of knowing that an armored car service is handling your ATM Cash Replenishment and Cash In Transit Services.

Photo of Shields armored car driver with truck in background and caption "Outsourced ATM services can keep your employees safe."

4. Access to Advanced Technology

ATM outsourcing lets you and your customers access the latest in ATM and ITM technologies. Since ATM companies like Shields invest heavily in Research and Development, there are ample opportunities to upgrade and enhance your machines with the guidance of ATM experts.

For example, Shields’ ongoing partnership with NCR means that we are always adding more core-connected solutions. These options will instantly upgrade your ITM-ready ATMs to fully core-connected and automated transaction ITMs.

ATM service providers also specialize in branding. You can get a unique, customized design for your network of ATMs. Why not pay as much attention to your ATM branding as you do to your online footprint and physical marketing materials? Good branding helps you differentiate your bank or credit union from the competition.

High tech ATM with finger pointing on it and caption "ATM outsourcing grants access to the latest in ATM and ITM technologies."

5. Geographic Expansion Opportunities

Outsourcing your ATMs can also help you expand into new regions. You don’t have to be close by because your ATM vendor will do all the servicing, maintenance, and cash replenishment for you. Placing ATMs in more locations, closer to your customers, is an important way to maintain customer loyalty and interaction. People will also appreciate the convenience of having their own bank’s ATM nearby so they can make fee-free withdrawals.

6. Improved Customer Experience

All of these reasons to outsource can be boiled down to one vital benefit: improving the customer experience. Customers now have up-to-date, modernized ATMs that are well- maintained and placed in more convenient locations. We know that, for today’s consumers, convenience is key. People are busy, so don’t make it hard for them to get to one of your ATMs when they need to.

Without the burden on your employees to constantly service the ATMs, branch employees will be able to allocate more time to providing excellent, personalized customer service. This may even improve job satisfaction, as staff can focus on what they’re passionate about–helping customers–instead of fiddling with complicated machines.

A couple sitting shaking hands with businessman with caption "The less time employees spend operating ATMs, the more time they can spend with the customer."

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