November 2023 Newsletter

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November 2023 Winter Newsletter

As your trusted partner in ATMs, ITMs, Teller Cash Recyclers, and cash management solutions, we’re pleased to share our latest insights for the end of 2023. In this edition, we highlight our proud participation in several community events and discuss some tips on building customer trust through enhanced security. We appreciate your continued partnership and trust in Shields Business Solutions!

The Shields Team Steps Out on the Golf Course for Some Great Community Events!

Kids-N-Hope Sponsorship Golf 

Shields was a proud sponsor of the recent golf event for the Kids-N-Hope Foundation, which provides financial support for childrens’ health and wellness non-profit organizations.

“Beautiful day on the golf course supporting American Heritage Credit Union Kids-N-Hope Foundation. Humbled to be the presenting sponsor for such a wonderful foundation! Another great job by Gina and her team.” – Mark McGrath, President 

Building Financial Futures Golf

John McKinley and his associates get together for a few rounds of golf to support Building Financial Futures at the Talamore Country Club in Ambler, PA. Building Financial Futures supports local schools in need of personal financial education. With the proper tools, educators are able to teach students the importance of saving, the impact of a good credit score, and the benefits of budgeting. 

How Security Initiatives in Banking Can Increase Customer Trust

With the widespread faltering trust in banks, taking steps to restore faith in your financial institution can make a big impact on customer opinion. Incorporating advanced security features into your customer-faced bank management practices and updating existing or employing new TCRs can be an important starting point.
As British business consultant Patrick Dixon once said, “In banking or finance, trust is the only thing you have to sell.” You can show your customers that your FI prioritizes the security of their money by utilizing secure, modern equipment during regular banking transactions. Modern TCRs not only improve efficiency and can help your FI save substantially in operational costs, they also provide significant benefits for your customers.
One of the main benefits of TCRs is that they reduce time spent on banking tasks, freeing up tellers to have more meaningful face-to-face interactions where they can focus their attention on the customer’s needs, without sacrificing accuracy or security. In fact, beyond facilitating higher-quality interactions as a means of building customer trust, their very usage can be reassuring to customers. When customers come to the counter with a cash deposit, they are able to witness their cash quickly and precisely sorted, counted, documented, and secured. This boosts customer confidence and security.
Furthermore, TCRs can play a crucial role as part of your FIs modernization and branch transformation plans. When you take measures to keep your branches and branch extensions (like community-placed ATMs) updated, orderly, and modern, your customers will take notice. In a fast-paced world where new threats are always evolving, employing secure technologies throughout your operations can be a powerful message to customers that you take the security of their assets seriously. Read more on the impact of TCRs.

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We hope these insights prove valuable to your operations. Shields Business Solutions appreciates your partnership, and we remain committed to delivering industry-leading solutions that enhance your efficiency and security. Thank you for your ongoing trust in us to protect your cash and your future.