ATM / ITM Services

New ATMs / ITMs

Strategic thinking should always include a contingency plan. Even if you don’t plan to deploy ITMs today, it doesn’t mean today’s dynamic business climate won’t demand their presence in the future. The one constant is change and as ITMs become more prevalent in the market and pressure mounts from your clients and competitors, the methods of enabling transaction automation are limited. The good news is that NCR progressively adds more core-connected solutions which can instantly upgrade your ITM-ready ATMs to fully core-connected/automated transaction ITMs. The long-term partnership between NCR and Shields means that when purchasing ITM-ready ATMs, our clients large and small can take advantage of the same technology the global FI’s employ. Protecting your Cash and your Future means recommending the world’s number one ITM platform so you will be ready no matter what the future holds.

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NCR 80 series

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Self Serv ATM
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Refurbished ATMs

When the budget doesn’t warrant a brand-new ATM, we have the next best thing. Our refurbished models are stripped down to the component level. The whole machine is gutted to the core, wearable parts are replaced, others are chemically-cleaned and restored. The CRT or LCD is recalibrated and checked for appropriate brightness and contrast. The machine is then built back up with up-to-date processors and keypads, and tested all along the way by specialized shop technicians. The exterior is sanded to its bare surface, primed, and spray-painted to the original factory color. With the level of detail that goes in to the process, you will be hard-pressed to tell a new machine from a refurbished one! They are backed by the same warranty and when covered under a service contract there is no risk!

atm internals
atm internals


Why is the service so terrible from national providers? The reasons are many and we are glad there are because customers who sign up with Shields Service-Shield Maintenance Plans quickly breathe a sigh of relief as their ATM fleet uptime and Cash Replenishments are expertly managed. From Preventative Maintenance Inspections to the most complex repair, we will have your terminal back in-service quickly. Our industry average Uptime SLA is 98%! None of the national providers come close.

First-Line Maintenance

When maximum uptime with minimal impact to branch staff is needed, rely on Shield’s army of first line technicians to arrive quickly and get your terminal back in service. Our first line technicians, though quick, are highly trained to go beyond the simple paper jam. They have a deeper knowledge to solve more issues than the average ATM teller.

Second-Line Maintenance

This software-based world is getting more complex by the day. It takes a structured team of continuously trained professional technicians to be the point where the buck stops. Service teams must be able to navigate multiple vendors and bring them together to overcome the unique problems modern software presents. Shields technicians are not only factory trained but are continually trained internally, sharing information and building our in-house knowledge repository. The team concept of sharing knowledge has made Shields the most progressive service team in the industry.

ITM Hosting

Take all the worry and complication out of the implementation of Interactive Teller Machines with Shields Hosted Services. When you sign up for ITM Hosting with Shields we have a proven method to carefully take you from conception, through ROI to implementation. We prepare all departments with a comprehensive program which encompasses planning, preparation, hiring, settlement, training and best practices so you are not re-inventing the wheel.

Paired with NCR’s Software Subscription, you are truly hitting the “easy button” when it comes to ITMs. There is very little impact to your IT department (which maybe outsourced already), there are no servers to buy or to “spin up”, and there will be no costly software upgrade surprises. We handle it all and provide security and documentation with guaranteed up time. All you do is operate as usual and call one number if ever a problem should arise.

Managed Services / ATM Remote Management and Security

Shields offers a range of Managed Services from simple First-Line Maintenance to completely outsourcing your entire ATM operations.

  • Remote Security
  • Critical and non-critical software patching
  • PCI compliance
  • Low-Cost Check Imaging
  • Remote Troubleshooting, Diagnostics and Repair
  • Marketing Screen Remote Deployment
  • Fully Outsourced ATM Channel for Retail or Financial (including check imaging deposits)