New ATMs

Shields is an NCR Certified Reseller of the entire line of NCR ATMs. This authorized distributorship means we have full access to any new model of machine, with the full backing of NCR’s diagnostic resources. Take a look at the various models to learn more about each. From basic cash dispensers to full-function machines, there’s an NCR ATM sure to meet your specific needs.

Shields is proud to be an NCR partner, offering a complete line of financial solutions including the entire SelfServe lineup from basic lobby cash dispensers to advance function imaging solutions and Scalable Deposit Module (SDM).

Shields is proud to offer a host of branch transformation options including the transformative NCR Aptra Interactive Teller, a truly disruptive technology that aligns the interests of the financial institution, with the ever changing needs of your customer to offer highly efficient and cost effective solutions wherever and whenever your customers need you!

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Check out how NCR assisted Eastern Bank to transform the not only the branch experience, but the Customer experience…

Refurbished ATMs

When the budget doesn’t warrant a brand-new ATM, we have the next best thing. Our refurbished models are stripped down to the component level. The whole machine is gutted to the core, wearable parts are replaced, others are chemically-cleaned and restored. The CRT or LCD is recalibrated and checked for appropriate brightness and contrast. The machine is then built back up, and tested all along the way by specialized shop technicians. The exterior fascia is sanded to its bare surface, primed, and spray-painted to the original factory color.

When the job is complete, it’s a mirror image of a new machine – at a fraction of the cost.