Shields Delivers New Era of Quality

Back in 1970, “third-party maintenance” was unheard of. It didn’t exist. Machinery was repaired by the manufacturer, and that’s all there was to it. A small Philadelphia-based company by the name of Shields Business Machines changed that. Founded by former-IBM technician William J. Shields, SBM was the first company nationwide to provide these services. However, this preceded ATMs by nearly a decade. Instead, SBM was a leading service provider of adding machines, dictating machines, and typewriters. In fact, it would be the typewriter industry that would become SBM’s strong point.

Shields Business Solutions is Born

The years between 1975 and 1990 saw the company flourish – there was no higher level of quality available in the industry. Shields Business Machines was expanding all over the country – with branches in New York, Florida, Texas, and Maryland. Throughout the 1980’s, SBM entered the banking services industry, with a focus on the repair of ATMs. The largest accounts in the Philadelphia region were held by SBM. Our technicians were regarded as the most talented in their field.

But such high levels of quality didn’t stop with technicians – Shields ran a first-class Armored Car Division. Our involvement in First-Line Maintenance, Second-Line Maintenance, and Cash Replenishment made us one of a kind.

As the typewriter market became less attractive, SBM concentrated its efforts on becoming the best ATM servicing company in the country. Few could dispute that this goal was attained during the early ’90s. The company employed more than 300 people in five cities. Headquarters was moved from 8th & Callowhill Sts. in center-city Philadelphia to a fully-equipped facility in Moorestown, NJ.

Shortly after the move, Shields Business Machines was sold to Wells Fargo. Owner and President William Shields worked with Wells for a year before pursuing other endeavors. As 1998 arrived, the scene was set for the re-emergence of the Shields tradition. Shields Business Solutions was born. Many of the leading executives from the old crew rejoined the organization. An all-star team of technicians and armored guards came aboard as well. The new SBS combined the accumulated knowledge of talented individuals with the hard-working spirit of the early days.

Shields Business Solutions continues to grow and thrive and is considered by its clients and peers to be at the pinnacle of service companies. Now with more than 100 employees in multiple locations, Shields is again a foremost leader in the ATM and Cash-In-Transit service industries. However, our services go much further beyond repair.

The company has evolved into several enterprises in varying industries. Take a tour of the website to learn about the solutions that Shields can provide.