First-Line Maintenance

Rather than burdening your branch staff, call on Shields to provide an immediate remedy for every ATM failure. A professionally-trained service staff is available sixteen hours a day, every day of the year. They help you avoid downtime by resolving such problems as cash jams, receipt jams, communications faults, presenter and dispenser faults, and will diagnose any general ailment the ATM may experience. First-Line Maintenance is available for any make or model of ATM, for both branch and remote locations.

Second-Line Maintenance

From our mechanical repair roots spanning five decades, the Shields organization is instilled with a heritage of extreme technical proficiency and quality customer service. It is these traits that have always set us apart. And our familiarity with ATMs is no exception. So when an ATM fault calls for a more complex repair, it is elevated to the highly-knowledgeable Second-Line Maintenance staff. Our expert technicians will evaluate the fault down to the component level, replace any necessary parts, and bring the ATM back into working condition.